Tuesday, 14 December 2010


It seems that even after six months of absence you folks just can't leave KRD alone... Google Analytics tells me that around 1,000 of you are still stumbling upon this blog in search of some information about Korea.

Well, I'm done. KRD died.

However, there's one thing I won't let go. A lot of you are finding this blog by searching for "Andover Language School." Some of you even track me down and e-mail me to ask, "Should I sign this contract..."

I can't let Andover keep taking foreign teachers. My one regret about the death of KRD was that the internet's best assault on Daegu's shittiest school was washed away.

So here's the truth: Andover Language School of Daegu, South Korea, is a fucking nightmare. It is run by two lecherous old pigfuckers who WILL steal your money, make your life hell, and generally use you to further their evil ways.

Sounds a bit harsh? It's the honest-to-god truth, folks. Andover is pure evil. Do yourself a favour and look elsewhere for employment.